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  1. healthier. Also, the scale changes everyday. But ik this from experience lol and dont worry you are beautiful gaining or ...

    5 Answers · Health · 28/02/2016

  2. too some extent the statement is true but keeping off the carbs if going to benefit you massively. Try exercising regularly. You should be aiming to lose around 1-2 pounds per week. That is a very healthy rate to be losing weight...

    3 Answers · Health · 24/01/2016

  3. **** your bfs mom. Youre short thats why its hard to keep weight in control. im barely 5'2 and used to be 230lbs now im 105, i lost weight fast from water fasting then after i turned vegan and kept it off. i eat 3000 calories a day and stay this weight...

    3 Answers · Health · 14/01/2016

  4. Their nutritional intake and their work outs lead to their body creating a lot of muscle mass which makes them large and the most powerful men on the planet.

    2 Answers · Health · 13/01/2016

  5. No it's really not okay, you could faint, you could become anaemic, you could see your blood sugars drop so low that you could go into a coma, you could even go into cardiac arrest, your hair will start to break off and your teeth will weaken and be more prone to decay and breakage plus...

    4 Answers · Health · 09/12/2015

  6. Well you are a really good height for a guy because if you are 185cm which is 6ft1 I think that is a good height and since you are only 15 you will still grow a lot because guys tend to stop at 18 sometimes past that as you said it differs from person to another but...

    5 Answers · Health · 05/12/2015

  7. exercises include anything that has to do with cardio, since you cannot spot reduce fat you will need to burn fat. which you say you're doing so i suggest a lot of cardio and ab exercises, youtube some for help. when i first started working out i was 115...

    2 Answers · Health · 12/11/2015

  8. You can't. If you are hypothyroid, the doctor should know that. With proper management, you should not be gaining weight.

    4 Answers · Health · 08/11/2015

  9. ...through this at one point or another, because it's called growing up. Ik my friends and I have gone through this as well as everyone...

    2 Answers · Health · 02/11/2015

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