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  1. That they solicit attention by being on IG in the first place and should be adult enough to take the rough with the smooth 

    1 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 07/01/2021

  2. If the Tag is Actually Applied Yes you will get a Notification Regarding It 

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 13/01/2021

  3. ...doesn't do it for her. When women ask for your IG , they're not doing it to communicate with you. They want to see what...

    4 Answers · Family & Relationships · 12/01/2021

  4. government at work ... change in law made the website responsible for monitoring content for garbage posts -- thus, they stopped allowing comments except in forums like this one

    16 Answers · Politics & Government · 31/12/2020

  5. It's a pretty well-known fact that when a girl leads with "no sex" or "no hookups"... The first date is a guaranteed score. The reason is quite simple.  If a girl must state "no sex" that means...

    13 Answers · Family & Relationships · 07/01/2021

  6.  In a relationship where someone is only interested in using you for sex, there's nothing important to discuss. A man who's using you for sex doesn't want to spend time chitchatting about your day or what you think about the big events in the news.  you're...

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 29/12/2020

  7. Just hang in there. Don't give up. Victory belongs to the persevering. There will be bumps in the road. Acceptance is the answer. Accept his Mom for who she is. Let her see...

    3 Answers · Family & Relationships · 22/12/2020

  8. this is lust, you want  her sexually.... it all starts there, u have to have some physical level of attraction but that's only half the equation. yes u fancy her but that's not enough, u just fancy her on a physical level,, she could be a shallow self absorbed @ss for all you know...

    2 Answers · Family & Relationships · 05/01/2021

  9. You broke up with him so obviously he's hurting and mad but only he knows whether or not he's mad enough to refuse to get back into a relationship with you. However, the fact that he wouldn't even let you cross the street alone sounds wildly unhealthy.  If you want...

    3 Answers · Family & Relationships · 28/12/2020

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