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  1. IG 's are GREAT dogs. I have had my...appear, especially as adults. An 11 lb poodle should be no problem for an IG to handle. IG 's are not hypoallergenic and they do shed. They...

    5 Answers · Pets · 11/02/2009

  2. A new dog has probably come wandered down this way. Either the new scent has run her off course or it is a threatening smell. Dogs can tell a freakish amount of things about other dogs from their scent...

    2 Answers · Pets · 19/09/2011

  3. I'm glad to hear you are committed to her, it sounds like she has had it bad. She may never have had proper house training. So sad. You will have to make a routine for her, just like a little puppy, and stick to it...

    3 Answers · Pets · 16/01/2014

  4. Do you mean a PIT bull? I really don't know if there's any rigid standard for the neck measurement, but here's a page with general info: As long as the dog is healthy, there's really no reason to worry about the size of the neck.

    1 Answers · Pets · 05/07/2007

  5. I would bet my bottom dollar that you are feeding him too much. Wellness is a much more nutritious food than Iams and if you are feeding the same amount of Wellness as you did Iams, it is way too much and the...

    3 Answers · Pets · 05/09/2010

  6. I would talk with your vet about getting an ultrasound/biopsy (only after a coagulation profile is run). That will show the cell response. You can also have a Copper measurement done to see if that is high and contributing to the problem...

    6 Answers · Pets · 21/04/2008

  7. don't know breed well enough could just be byb breeding? could be mix? ask breeder or your vet read a book on them and look at standards and colors

    1 Answers · Pets · 12/11/2011

  8. That's not uncommon. What happens is that when small dogs get together, they get into fights because they are the same size. But often when a big dog meets a small dog, the big dog is non-aggressive to the small dog because the small dog...

    7 Answers · Pets · 07/09/2007

  9. Time for a trip to the vet. Your dog needs a checkup. No one on here can diagnose your dog.

    2 Answers · Pets · 31/10/2008

  10. ♦Italian Greyhound♦ If you want a dog who... Is small and lightweight, with a unique slender, curvy build that he often shows off by posing like an elegant porcelain statue Has a sleek easy-care coat that comes in many colors Doesn'...

    6 Answers · Pets · 24/12/2010

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