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  1. Check with a lawyer or find out if there are cohabitation laws that may apply favorably to you. I found a website that deals with cohabitation laws in california: If there are no laws favoring you as you are...

    13 Answers · Family & Relationships · 19/02/2008

  2. If you design a perfect sink, then at the equator it just flows straight down and doesn't spiral at all. Most sinks, however, are not perfect. A slight perturbation can easily cause a larger trend (a.k.a. the butterfly effect) and this case is no exception. So even on...

    9 Answers · Arts & Humanities · 20/12/2007

  3. you going to kill ur self cuz ur mom talk in the phone lol wow, you need to calm down i think your weird why dont u get girls number and talk too ?

    11 Answers · Family & Relationships · 01/07/2012

  4. Under normal circumstances, if you can bring at least 1/3 of the anticipated fine and explain to the Judge you don't have all of it at this time, the court usually allows time payments to be made. Be realistic in the amount you say you can pay on a monthly...

    16 Answers · Politics & Government · 23/11/2008

  5. You will have to pay out of pocket if it is found that you are liable. You also may receive a citation for driving without insurance. Never drive an uninsured car..........NEVER !

    10 Answers · Cars & Transportation · 17/12/2012

  6. of course its possible your body just hasnt fully developed and might take a little longer than most people

    9 Answers · Beauty & Style · 10/02/2008

  7. iam in that situation now - but never say never - i wont give up on a good thing - now matter how hard it gets - i live in hope

    19 Answers · Family & Relationships · 27/12/2008

  8. You have to tell her. Tonight. I understand that its hard to open up about that kind of thing but she deserves to know. Carry on with your plan and just remember to tell her you love her everyday. And when you get in fights realize...

    1 Answers · Family & Relationships · 07/10/2013

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