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  1. Yes the cause is because in normal channel the information is not enough, it's like to stretch a picture so it can fit to your screen. It's best to use HD signal, and this thing only look obvious in large screen TV usually over 40" the bigger the worst...

    5 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 13/12/2006

  2. How did Dish address your complaint?

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 24/10/2012

  3. Your not at fault. Your basic cable is not high definition - not even close. As a result - as I found with mine - picture quality gets Ds and Fs for grades. Try temporarily running your TV via over the air...

    1 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 12/06/2010

  4. Regular cable always looks terrible on HDTVs. It sounds like you have a weak signal as well. When you are splitting the cable between the 2 TV's you are reducing the signal even more, which makes the issue...

    4 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 29/09/2007

  5. This is a HDTV and sounds like you are watching SD (standard definition) programming. To get HD quality you need to sign up for HD programming from your cable service. To get SD to look a little...

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 02/01/2012

  6. Apparently Call of Duty 3 is not being sent to the TV in true HD or there's something wrong with the program. If the TV has a function that tells you what format it's receiving, activate it and see if it's...

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 22/03/2007

  7. You have to set the ps3 menu to output whatever resolution your tv is (720p, 1080i, or 1080p). My best guess is that you have it set at 480i. Also, make sure the connections are all tight.

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 26/02/2009

  8. If you have cable, get a service call. More than likely, your signal is low. You can't fix it; it needs to be done by a tech. Don't buy an amp- it won't work.

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 03/04/2007

  9. What you are seeing is referred to as "Picture Noise." It's graininess is a result of interference...whether from surges in power or from the cable company. Either way, turn on the TV's Noise...

    5 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 21/05/2008

  10. ...39;s the DVD and the recording... I've seen that grainyness on several DVDs out there, and it's mostly visible in Darker ...

    2 Answers · Consumer Electronics · 27/04/2008

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