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  1. you need to get a program like Adobe Acrobat Pro to do advanced stuff like that. butvit would almost be better to set up a firm on a web page. Google Forms can do that for free 

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 04/11/2020

  2. be able to make professional websites. I know Twitter, and Google can't censor whatever I say. Because like I said above...

    9 Answers · Computers & Internet · 29/05/2019

  3. Overthinking or maybe underthinking...either is a possibility here. You're impressed that objects like angles, maps, surfaces, etc. can be represented in a file; but don't seem to blink at the fact that the computer's memory...

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 31/03/2018

  4. .../260510/how-do-i-turn-on-workspaces-why-do-i-only-have-one-workspace from google (unity workspace) result 1

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 05/12/2017

  5. ...plenty of answers, and no, I'm not going to tell you to Google it. Use any internet search engine. It works. Alternatively...

    3 Answers · Computers & Internet · 14/06/2017

  6. ...intentionally don't make it search engine friendly it will be buried so deep in a Google search (if it even shows up at all) that no one will ever find it on accident...

    9 Answers · Computers & Internet · 12/04/2017

  7. ... in my Windows 10 laptop with 2 tabs open in Google Chrome plus background software says I am using 51...

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 16/10/2016

  8. Both solutions will work, but you will also need jQuery itself, afaik.

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 19/08/2016

  9. You can reverse a string with newString = oldString [::-1] If you haven't studied list comprehensions you should look into that. https://www. google .com/#q=python%20list%20comprehension

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 09/07/2016

  10. A website is made up of files. They all live in a specific folder that is set up as "document root". When you point a domain at the folder, like, then visit it, the web server checks that folder for the existence of an index document, usually index.html or...

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 04/07/2016

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