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  1. ..., Sunglasses , Purses , watches ...Here in Ecuador there is allot of knock offs and people here really pride themselves...

    3 Answers · Travel · 18/05/2010

  2. I'm currently living in Ecuador. And yes it is cool. It isn't as cheap as it used...

    1 Answers · Travel · 06/01/2012

  3. Ideas regarding what in particular? Ecuador is a vast nation of culture, so be specific.

    2 Answers · Travel · 01/10/2011

  4. You are asking about the people living in rural areas. The people that live in major cities live in well built homes and apartments. They drive cars, have electricity and running water. In...

    1 Answers · Travel · 02/10/2013

  5. I think you should go and see a doctor. It has to do that you are not used to the food. Don't forget that in the heat and humidity of the Rainforest the bacterias survive and reproduce themselves much easier than in the northern hemisphere...

    2 Answers · Travel · 13/08/2013

  6. Hola, you really don't need any aid when traveling to Ecuador.

    1 Answers · Travel · 22/09/2013

  7. Located just 2 hours from Quito, Otavalo can be visited in a single day there are also numerous markets in Quito itself that have similar things but at a little more cost. In Quito there is...

    2 Answers · Travel · 18/05/2010

  8. Its great. I was surprised. Aolmost as good as Bogata. Much better than Cali.

    2 Answers · Travel · 13/12/2007

  9. I'm 20 and I'm 5'7

    2 Answers · Travel · 02/02/2012

  10. Are you kidding me? They are happy to see any tourists! I don't mean to put the country down, but it is not a tourist hot spot. You will be more than welcome with your passport. Aside from the Galapagos Islands...

    2 Answers · Travel · 14/01/2012

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