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  1. haha... I agree with ESD, you'll want to be careful now! It is legal. Only ...

    10 Answers · Travel · 06/02/2010

  2. LOL@ESD....hahaha :P ummm....I said bye bye to my hubby who just left for work :) @Gaz: ahahahaha I laughed so much at G#2's comment too "now I am asleep" ahaha

    21 Answers · Travel · 21/12/2009

  3. ...and you are going to give me an "ice pack" :@, huh?) 3. ESD: more henchmen to fight off Sosa's hit squad and maybe a tiger...

    19 Answers · Travel · 25/11/2009

  4. We have a big chance isA. @ESD we still need to beat Algeria unless our dear Rwandan ...

    14 Answers · Travel · 11/10/2009

  5. Just like ESD told you.. he gave you the shamhooresh prescription which is very effective and when you come out of jail you'll feel a big change in ur life (To the better isa) Sallooma la2ra3 maye3rafsh akhooh

    7 Answers · Travel · 12/12/2009

  6. khod 10 gena ya esd JK JK on albeat betak they sometimes do donations well at least...

    11 Answers · Travel · 07/12/2009

  7. ... Medic:Funny El Alex:Womanizer ESD: G (XD) Saphia Egyptian girl:Nice ...

    13 Answers · Travel · 15/03/2010

  8. ..., we see it everyday) - What's a square pyramid? --------- @ ESD: Aha, thx :)

    4 Answers · Travel · 11/01/2010

  9. alf mabrouk rabina yi7fazak men sharaha rabina yimata3ak bieeha get a blue pendent and hang it from the mirror to keep away evil eyes place the Holy Quran in the glove drawer drive carefully 3uqbaal el 3arousa good luck

    14 Answers · Travel · 06/01/2010

  10. A huge sand storm that quite covered Cairo in sand. @Keira: no his birthday is on 6th of December so it's already gone. Well hopefully they are doing good and in best conditions.

    17 Answers · Travel · 18/12/2009

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