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  1. ... persons" (US citizens, legal permanent residents, and... requirements of foreign bank & other financial accounts... long as Federal (& state) govts get your money...

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 15/04/2015

  2. ...if one is here 10 days, gets a job, establishes a bank account, and most especially, changes license tags on the vehicle, they are citizens you need to check the state you want to become a citizen of

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 09/07/2009

  3. ... you are the US Citizen, then yes, you will have to have some money in a bank account. When you get to the...provide a letter from your bank stating when the account was opened...

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 19/11/2006

  4. If you are a US citizen, you do not need to do anything except pay your income taxes annually on all income worldwide from every source, and report all foreign bank & other financial accounts. The IRS is getting...

    5 Answers · Politics & Government · 31/12/2011

  5. ..., you are British citizen and can apply for a passport. For the application...current ID (eg: driving licence, state ID, bank statement, student card)

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 22/11/2010

  6. ...have to become the wife of a US citizen who resides in the United States. We have about a gazillion people... coffee and food here, but few banks where anybody cares about ...

    3 Answers · Politics & Government · 25/06/2013

  7. ... for a permanent resident card. Living in separate states does look suspicious. Therefore you and ...prove your marriage is genuine. Open joint bank accounts, have joint credit cards, preserve all...

    1 Answers · Politics & Government · 01/04/2011

  8., even though you are not a spouse of a UK citizen. Read in particular the setion headed "... to each of you at the same address. Separate bank account statements or letters from othe official...

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 06/10/2010

  9. ... and maintaining active bank accounts in California banks and closing out-of-state accounts. Surrendering all out-of-state identification and driver'...

    4 Answers · Politics & Government · 19/12/2008

  10. to return to the United States. You will require a passport to...that you are also a US citizen. You should also make sure you... Canadian banks to forward statements of all...

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 15/04/2013

  1. Ads
    related to Citizens State Bank
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