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  1. Yes. Just look at this guy. His name is James McGlothlin. He’s 26 years old. Never had sex. Lives at home...

    3 Answers · Social Science · 02/10/2018

  2. Good choice, good attitude, good action = good happiness . It should be to anyone to walk the path of Harmonization ! Must there be the just tuning . Begin and go ahead !

    5 Answers · Social Science · 04/09/2019

  3. The sense of your own impeding doom. A spiritual sense, perhaps. There's near death experience, too. In classic Freudian psychology there is Thanatos, the death drive. Though, I couldn't find any single word for the sense...

    4 Answers · Social Science · 18/08/2019

  4. It's all down to upbringing and life experiences. We aren't clones so everyone will see things differently. Some kids are brought up to be selfish because in their parents eyes this is survival...

    4 Answers · Social Science · 22/08/2019

  5. I wouldn't talk to them about it. You might make them feel bad about their achievements, and that would accomplish nothing. If envy (that's what you're experiencing, not jealousy) is an ongoing problem for you, you should probably see a counselor...

    4 Answers · Social Science · 17/05/2019

  6. Time management skills are not genetic, that have to be learned. The vast majority have never been taught. Those who do have the skills, they have got them almost by accident.

    5 Answers · Social Science · 24/03/2019

  7. You don't obtain happiness by obtaining things. You obtain happiness by having a purpose. There can be more to life and there will be once you find a purpose. :) It can be anything from creating something to helping others.

    6 Answers · Social Science · 15/07/2019

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