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  1. ...diary of each time u come on,how long ur on for & what ur period was like(belly ach,stopping midflow then starting again).This way over time ul get...

    22 Answers · Health · 05/04/2008

  2. do you remember getting bitten by a tick at all? this sounds like some symptoms of lyme disease i suggest looking up a lyme specialist near you my boyfriend has lyme disease and he has these symptoms for two years and they just got...

    7 Answers · Health · 08/03/2013

  3. Maybe. Some people even start as early as 9 years of age. Whether it's because she's having stomach cramps or not, who knows? I didn't get stomach aches when I first started, but I think it's different...

    5 Answers · Health · 01/10/2008

  4. lack of sleep always gives me a "head-hurt". You could be right.

    5 Answers · Health · 21/10/2007

  5. ...a sister or mom to see if you could get some sooner.ust say you have a stomach ach 3. i think that you will still have it then but if its heavy then you may get...

    5 Answers · Health · 16/07/2011

  6. Lay on you back with your knees up. You can prop them up on a pillow. Put a heating pad on your stomach or back (what ever is hurting). Take deep breaths and try to relax. I know it's hard but crying...

    3 Answers · Health · 30/06/2012

  7. Have you done anything different lately, started exercising, moved, been more active?? It could be many things... muscle spasm, blood cloth, torn ligament, could be dehydrated... They only way to find out what...

    3 Answers · Health · 25/11/2007

  8. This could be a ton of different things. It could be because your are pregnant and your hormones are all over the place. You could be having stress not only with being pregnant but with work or other things in your life...

    4 Answers · Health · 06/03/2007

  9. Yes those are symptoms of anemia. When you have your period, you are losing some blood which can cause anemia. Have your mom take you to the doctor to test for anemia. You could just need an iron supplement.

    4 Answers · Health · 02/02/2013

  10. im young and i take pamprin when i really have a stomach ach, PAMPRIN ROCKS. all my friends love pamprin its like a life saver, no i am serious it really is

    33 Answers · Health · 31/05/2007

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