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  1. ... for a laptop refers to RAM which is Random Access memory. It is a temporary system storage for software and also graphics memory...

    5 Answers · Computers & Internet · 11/12/2019

  2. ... cable.  4. Boot up, then connect your old drive via USB. Access it via Windows and see if you can copy your old data files...

    4 Answers · Computers & Internet · 07/11/2019

  3., and with no hard drives connected. You will be able to access the BIOS by doing this. The Ryzen 5 2600 came...

    4 Answers · Computers & Internet · 15/09/2019

  4. ... of the Server OS's require CALs (Client Access Licenses) in addition to the OS. Only the Essentials...

    16 Answers · Computers & Internet · 10/09/2019

  5. Press F1 or F2 after powering on the computer. Some Lenovo products have a small Novo button on the side (next to the power button) that you can press (you might have to press and hold) to enter the BIOS setup utility. You might have to then enter...

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 03/09/2019

  6. ...tablet for example. By itself WiFi does not give you internet access. Your iPad still needs to connect to a cellular signal to gain...

    3 Answers · Computers & Internet · 01/09/2019

  7. Check your antivirus, sometimes your antivirus will block skype access to your microphone and webcam for security purposes. You may have to except skype from the block

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 08/09/2019

  8. ... to see if everything is there and working good enough, then access instruction on that to do next.

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 23/08/2019

  9. It's more of an Internet computer rather than a real one, at least in my opinion. Yes, you can download apps and use it off line, but I really don't recommend them. They're cheap, relatively fast, portable, sleek, etc, but they're not very capable...

    3 Answers · Computers & Internet · 15/08/2019

  10. Your drive may have gone bad on you. If the drive had any kind of a virus on it your antivirus will stop the drive from working. You might try booting your computer to Linux mint live and see if you can read the drive if you can read the drive...

    3 Answers · Computers & Internet · 16/08/2019

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