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  1. ...or intellect is created by the synaptic neural network that allows access to all of our memories, encoded biochemically in our brain...

    12 Answers · Society & Culture · 11/06/2019

  2. I think that the easy access to unlimited information with these devices provide has not been a positive thing for religion. Many people devote virtually all their time to these gadgets, and do not have time for anything else.

    11 Answers · Society & Culture · 07/05/2019

  3. No. Because Noah did not have access to steel hulled barges. Edit: The nut job hat ...

    19 Answers · Society & Culture · 02/05/2019

  4. ... equipped with the unique ability to choose, a faculty to reason and have access to divine guidance to serve out their intended purpose. Quran...

    10 Answers · Society & Culture · 05/02/2020

  5. There are several reasons for this trend. Access to the internet, and the unlimited knowledge that can be found there is one...

    16 Answers · Society & Culture · 17/04/2019

  6. ...of a book with a newer one. Almost no JWs will be able to access those two sources, but I have photocopies of them here...

    6 Answers · Society & Culture · 08/10/2019

  7. They support him because he gives them the access to power they crave. They don't care how un-Christian he ...

    12 Answers · Society & Culture · 23/08/2019

  8. They are better educated, and have access to virtually unlimited knowledge right at their fingertips, because of the internet. No other generations had this advantage.

    19 Answers · Society & Culture · 20/04/2019

  9. The problem is not guns, the problem is access to ASSAULT weapons - semi-automatic weapons built specifically...

    9 Answers · Society & Culture · 05/08/2019

  10. Only if you have access to functional weirding modules. And thumpers. Thumpers are always good.

    6 Answers · Society & Culture · 19/07/2019

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