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  1. I would suggest LiveJournal communities. That's where I get most of my Japanese music. I don't know of any communities that you can download from without being a member, however.

    5 Answers · Travel · 28/11/2010

  2. Yes, it is correct. "Kibun ga warui" usually means feeling unwell. "Kimochi ga warui" can mean the same, and is also often used to describe something as disgusting. "Kibun ga ii" means...

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 28/05/2012

  3. kimochi ga warui also can be used as "not feeling well". But it's also used on something or someone which makes you feel bad like "someone creeped out." as you say. kibun ga ii: feel good or happy mentally, like your BF/GF kiss you or say "I love...

    3 Answers · Travel · 28/05/2012

  4. 気分; 気持ち; (kibun; kimochi)

    5 Answers · Society & Culture · 19/01/2010

  5. maybe Artist: Mihimaru GT Song: Kibun Jyojyo (気分上々↑↑) Artist: Ayaka (絢香) Song: I'm Alone

    1 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 08/09/2008

  6. ... friendly but somewhat rude) Does + ? = いるかあ? anyone = ヤツ guy feel = 気分 lazy = やってらんねえ catchy slang I like. We say this when; I...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 07/04/2013

  7. ...watashi はha このkono 呪文jixyumon をwo 愛するaisuru ならnara 、 私watashi はha 気分kibun がga いいii ですdesu これkore でde 高くtakaku 飛ぶtobu しshi 喜びyorokobi...

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 01/02/2013

  8. ...気が立って ki ga tatte (feel irritated) but they take 気, rather than 気分, as the subject. Should the material say the correct answer is 滅入って...

    2 Answers · Society & Culture · 16/11/2010

  9. be beaten". 自分 would be "myself" or "own". 気分 "mood". 次第で would be "according to" in this sentence...

    1 Answers · Society & Culture · 25/06/2013

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