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  1. A collation, also known as a collating sequence, is a database object ... and alphabetically sorted. The rules in the collation determine whether one character string is less than, equal to or greater than...

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 30/09/2006

  2. Collation is assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence. The copier... a also careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement. Collation is a set of rules determining how to compare and sort character...

    4 Answers · Education & Reference · 02/04/2008

  3. ... of Character Set and Collation Assignment The following...have a column with a latin1 character set and a default collation. Although it might seem natural, the default...

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 28/09/2006

  4. ... 1 In the first example, only the collation needs to be changed. The data should...create a new database using the 1252LATIN1 collation, and move the data from the old database to the new database without...

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 05/10/2008

  5. Collation means "to bring together" or "a light meal," and it is a further attempt at remembering the deceased, closure for family and friends, and go on. Eating is one symbol of continued life, nourishment, sustaining oneself. II suppose the only thing worse than having to go through the collation, is not going through it.

    2 Answers · Social Science · 23/04/2012

  6. on HOS.Code = CTS.Code Compare collation of these columns and do them equal. Or try this on ...

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 27/03/2012

  7. .... What you're interested in is the "Collation" row. Change each collation to utf_general_ci (only for those with an ...

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 20/03/2009

  8. Use the utf8 character set with a utf8_swedish_ci collation. This will allow international characters but sort them Latin-wise (Latin characters before non-latin ones).

    1 Answers · Computers & Internet · 15/04/2007

  9. ...quot; that's no longer a computer term. The table showing the collation of data is thereby giving meaning to the data, meaning...

    2 Answers · Computers & Internet · 21/08/2010

  10. Succeed to give false information to their Intelligence departments back home, as to their next strategic moves to get the "creep". In this way he wont know their next move; or when they are coming?

    6 Answers · Politics & Government · 03/12/2006

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